Monday, March 14, 2011

American Craft Council Show re-cap...

I FINALLY got to go to the ACC Atlanta show this weekend. Every year it's been in Atlanta, I've either been out of town or totally unavailable to go. This year was different and I FINALLY got to attend! I really wanted to walk around and see the quality of artists showing there, the booth display ideas, the amount of buying traffic and just get a feeling for the show (because I'd really like to apply for at least 1 ACC show in the next year)

I had put this show pretty high up on a pedestal due to the stories I'd heard of really tough jurying and quality of work. The quality of the work shown was definitely high, but I don't think I was as intimidated as I thought I'd be.... which is good and bad. There were definitely TONS of booths with exquisite stuff and really creative artists, but there was a huge lack of glass... and that made me wonder...

Is there no glass because vendors didn't re-apply after slow sales @ prior ATL shows
Is there no glass because glass people don't apply to ACC? (I'm not thinking that they're not being juried in... there is too much good glass out there to think that ACC doesn't accept glass artists)

There was a HUGE amount of jewelry and a HUGE amount of fiber art and probably more wood-turned/furniture work than I've seen at one show, but hardly any glass. I was trying to count in my head as I went around and I maybe thought of 8 glass artists that I'd seen there. (what I did see was really cool though... just for the record)

I'm going to post some links in another blog entry of the artists at the show that I really really liked. There were some fantastic things and a couple I really want to share!

but that's it for now... because I have to prep for my class this coming weekend!

happy Monday!

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