Saturday, March 26, 2011

This has nothing to do with beads. It's about Cupcakes!

My youngest son said last year that I needed to take cake to bead and button because "everyone loves cake!" I laughed about it... and joked that this year he could serve cake when his "fans" came to visit my booth (because he DOES have fans, which cracks me up)

ANYWAYS... there was an incident this week at school which involved cupcakes. Youngest son decided it would be fun to surprise some unknowing kid at school by putting cupcakes in his/her locker, which was not completely closed. Just to be clear... opening a locker that is not yours is NOT GOOD... against the rules... something you can get in trouble for.... BUT the idea of surprising someone with cupcakes is GOOD! (if breaking and entering isn't involved)

Child #2 was disciplined at school, but in the midst of it was asked "why would you put cupcakes in someone's locker??!!" and his response was "because everyone loves cupcakes!"

This got me thinking... everyone DOES love cupcakes and if someone surprised us with one, we would probably smile. SO... I've started a revolution. Inspired by Child #2's doofiness, I did a drive-by cupcake-ing tonight. My nephew had a crap-tastic week and I decided that if he opened his door and found a batch of cupcakes it would make him smile..... and it did.

SO, now I'm asking you dear readers... go surprise someone with cupcakes and spread the word....

The Cupcake Revolution has begun! Surprise someone with a cupcake. Change the world, one cupcake at a time!

(please take that last sentence... post it to your facebook page, tweet it, tell your friends... let's spread some frosting and some happy!)


rosebud101 said...

Sylvie, can we surprise ourselves? lol!

Sylvie said...

WHY YES, Mallory!!! of course! (I'm going to!)