Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doggie emergency surgeries can really screw up a "plan"

I'm way behind finishing things and meeting deadlines and now I've got a major monkey wrench... a big furry one. My poor dog had emergency surgery on Sunday and is now recuperating back at home... needing constant attention and near hourly feedings. I have a tiny baby again (only he's 85 lbs. He's sleeping just about the same amount as a human baby... in spurts and crying (whining) when he wants something. Very sad.... and very time-consuming.

SO, I'm trying to work during breaks and hope that anyone who I owe something to understands that I can't really GO anywhere until he's on an upswing. Hopefully that will be by the end of the week. The dr. says he came out of a scary situation doing way better than expected.

Yay cooper!

In the meantime, I will be operating on small amounts of sleep, HOPING to have my pieces finished by the Friday deadline. cross your fingers for me!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - I would really like some. Starbucks please start delivery service!

music - kid #2 is playing uekelele... unidentifiable tune

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Debra said...

Oh, Sylvie, so sorry to hear about your puppy, but glad he is on the mend. Still looking forward to seeing you on Sat/Sun class in Michigan. Been busy here with company, but house is now cleared out, and I can get some beading done, the retreats sound wonderful. Can't wait to hear more about them.