Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Saturday!!!!!

I have 2 items of news...

1. There are still spaces in my Flora Flora Bloom Boom classes in Detroit in 2 weeks and they are a GREAT deal... great enough that I'm telling you that don't live in Detroit that you should STILL look into this! The girls of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild are SO fun and they've worked hard to make classes affordable for their members (and many of their members live as far away as Texas, but know how worth it it is to belong!) The 2 day class is EIGHTY DOLLARS for members (and membership is $30!) I've given the girls of GLBG a special price on the Flora Flora kits just because I love them so much. The kits for this class ALONE (so don't expect to see this price again) are $175 ($50 discount!) SO... if you do the math, it's worth the travel!!!

2. It's official! Two Babes and a Bead Party is hosting its FIRST New Years Eve Party!

Jill Wiseman and myself (the 2 babes) are hosting a 3 day retreat (the party) in the North Georgia Mountains this New Years Eve. You can keep up with all the details at our website OR through our Facebook page. (and you know once there is a facebook page it really IS official) There is some basic info on the retreat there now , but more will be forthcoming (after we get through the deadlines that loom over us this month...and there are a LOT of deadlines for bead instructors this month)

So, that's some good news for your Saturday!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - mais oui!
music - movies instead... not sure what, but I'm doing some major sample-making today which goes better with movies than music.

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