Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's for real!!!

(wow!  2 blog postings in one week??!!!  You'd think it was the end of the world or something.... oh wait... that's next week.)

SO guess what's online now??!!!  The Bead and Button Show Class Catalog!!!!  WOO HOO!  And you know what that means??!!  MY CLASSES are online and have big pretty pictures and great descriptions and you can read all about them before you register in January!!!

What it means for me is that IT'S REAL!!  I know that sounds crazy, but after trying for so many years, I felt funny talking about being accepted because of the "what ifs" going on in my mind... What if they didn't REALLY accept me and I just imagined that e-mail?  What if I mis-read the e-mail????  What if they change their mind???   Well, those are no longer issues so I can say really loudly...

I'M TEACHING AT BEAD AND BUTTON IN JUNE 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(trying not to let the "what if no one signs up" voice in my head have any volume)

But just to show it's FOR REAL...  Here's the link to my Steel Magnolia class.  I'm SO proud of this class in particular.  It is a REALLY cool and different project and fun to make too!

link to the class website...

The sample pictured is monochromatic and not very traditionally "Sylvie" BUT the kits are going to be available in lots of color choices and there will DEFINITELY be some sylvie-brights in the mix... regular customer/students never fear!  ALSO there will be some options for both classes that use my lampwork beads, since that has always been a trademark of mine.  They'll be optional, so people can decide to go with a crystal rivoli OR a lampwork cabochon for the ring.  Y'all know I love choices... probably too much.

ok.  More to talk about later (like the SylvieLansdowne etsy site being full of really cool glass for the first time EVER!!!)

time to let the dog out...

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes, but it was not Starbucks and it really wasn't very good.
music - bad muzac in said coffee place while I waited for a friend.

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