Friday, December 28, 2012

GGM Holiday Party!!!

2011 GGMs 
(plus one... our host at the after-party... 
because every star-studded gala has an after-party, right??)

Reposted from 2011...  (because tomorrow night is THE party and I know you care!!)  


Yes... it's that day of the year... the day that I blog about the subject that my mom says you readers don't care about....  The Girls Gone Mild Christmas Party!!!!!!!!!!  As you know, if you've read this blog for any longer than a year, I love love love this day.  My 3 best girlfriends and I (a.k.a. the GGMs) throw ourselves a swanky Christmas party that only WE are invited to (ok... we do make exceptions and invite friends to the party now and then AND we have been known to take our party of 4 TO other parties, combining the celebratory powers) but it's OUR party...thrown by us FOR us!

 Girls Gone Mild Christmas Party 2010
Tomorrow night is THE night.  I'm so ready to sit and talk to my girls... all 3 of them together.  We don't get to do that often enough and we need it!  Once again, it's been a YEAR to talk about... for some of us more than others.  For me, tomorrow night is a celebration of friends who supported me and cheered me on through a "leap of faith" kind of year.... REALLY cheered me on... like called and made sure I was still alive when I was so busy I could barely breathe... called while I was on the road to cheer me up when things didn't go my way... met me for "OMG I'm going crazy" dinners now and then (which they sometimes COOKED to order) when I needed it most.  They are THE.BEST.FRIENDS.  So for me, my year is all celebration...  For others, we're just celebrating that the year is OVER (it really has been quite a year).  No matter what, we're celebrating and we're doing it together..... FABULOUSLY!

SO... because I know you love to hear it... here is the story of the Girls Gone Mild... the very best friends a girl could have!  (it's kind of like when Linus tells the Christmas story on the Charlie Brown Christmas special... only not)  Click on the image to read...

So if you are with your friends this weekend... drink a toast to friendship...the kind that lasts a lifetime.

To being fabulous and being fabulous friends!!!!!!!  Cheers!!

------Looking forward to tomorrow night with my girls.  Reading this post about 2011, I'm thankful that 2012 was NOT my year to be the one who needed shoulders to cry on and prop me up, but to be the one who did the propping-up, listened, encouraged and sometimes rescued.  That's what has been so great about this group of friends... we are all that for each other at some point.  Thank you for indulging me my annual posting about the best friends ever-----

Here's today's tiny blah blah blah....

music - nothing yet, but I'm sure my kids will have some input since we're spending the day together!
coffee - YES!  And it was made by my very own at-home 15 year old barista!

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