Monday, November 28, 2005

Rainy days and mondays (fill in the rest)

I did make beads today...7 focal beads which was a BIG day for me lately.

I need to get my samples finished, but I think that's do-able in the next 2 days. Could be unrealistic, but I really really really need to.

Bummer du jour - my planet smoothie is closing. sniff sniff. good bye shagadelic smoothies after workouts. (maybe it's a good thing, I don't seem to be losing weight lately and maybe this is the reason!)

swimming 2x a week now...whoo hoo.

making darn good mochas on my own espresso maker, so Starbucks is sort of out of business here. LOL

music today - groove tunes playlist and also "chick flick songs" playlist

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