Monday, November 14, 2005

Things seem much more sane today, in my life and those of others.

I have such a great support system of friends and family, I can't imagine the life of one without such a great group of caring people. I am one truly blessed chick!

So, back to normal, back to work today. Am beading samples for the new project...can't order beads for kits until I know what colors I'm ordering. I'm really really excited about getting this launched, but I can only bead SO fast! If someone is e-mailing me (cough cough maybe you?) because they've read this blog and they are waiting anxiously for the kits to be ready.....they will....soon! I'm beading as fast as I can!!! :)

Off to bead and watch t.v. (my son asked me if that's what I do all t.v. I don't think he understands Mom's job!)

music today - no, as I said above am watching my Tivo
coffee today - no, Planet Smootie - Shag-a-delic w/ added soy protein. mmmmmmm

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