Monday, November 28, 2005

Another thing...

I read this today written on a forum and it was so poignant and beautifully worded that I wanted to record it here. It is on the subject of bipolar disorder...

snipped from the lampwork etc. forum, a response to the subject of bipolar disorder in an artist...(I've snipped out parts here and there to allow it to make sense in this context)

I am intimately familar with this "problem". I put that in quotations because, ironically, the very fact that some swing low allows them to swing high to places most never see. The low is the payment for the great insights of the high....

However, I just want to add one slightly politically incorrect thing: It might just be that those souls that are blessed/cursed with a free-swinging inner pendulum are the very source of human inspiration and imagination. They pay the price and we stand in the wake of their dynamic experience and say, "Gee, that is really neat! But how sad they..."

More clealy...don't be so quick to process this in the "bad column". You had a life altering experience, you learned, you evolved, and now are better equipped to deal with the inevitabilities of the future. What more can one wish for?

Finally, the emotions are like an ill mannered horse--energetic, uncontrolled, and dynamically beautiful. There is no need to tie the horse down though...only to attach a tiny strap to her snout and lead her in the right direction.

I just thought this was a wonderful way to look at things.

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