Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Day before Thanksgiving!!!

I worked out extra hard this week preparing for the holiday...not really, but we'll pretend that my workouts had those sort of good intentions. I am just trying to keep a regular workout schedule. I'm swimming again because I think that was the main form of exercise that kept my metabolism at a point where I could eat more of what I wanted without worrying so much about gaining weight.

Ok...that had absolutely nothing to do with my studio work. I am trying to keep my blog on-subject, but I guess it's harder than I thought it would be.

Studio-wise, I've been making samples of mermaids. It's been several weeks of me saying that now, but it's true! I had to make the beads to be the torsos of the sample mermaids...choose the colors for the samples/kits which takes the longest because it's lots of beading and tearing out and re-beading until I find colors I like.

I now have 4 out of ___ samples made. One is Sylvie colors, one dark purples and greens and burgandies (a deeper Sylvie-colors), one vivid florida brights, one hot hot hot Rio reds and pinks. I'm finishing one that's autumn-rich tones. I have plans for a blue mermaid and a turquoise-y hawaiian one. It's just taking way too long to get all the samples made. I want to be able to send out an e-mail and say...They're here! Time to pre-order! I just need to have several more hours in the day to sit and bead!!! Work out time does cut into beading time, but it's necessary to keep my beader's butt in check.

having coffee - mocha (with whip full whole milk whipcream thing...not good girl drink)
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