Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Thursday beady (and not beady) friends (and not friends.... happy Thursday to you too)

Merry Merry almost Christmas!!!

This is a not so very busy day, so this post won't be long (but anytime I say that, I always end up with a long post, don't I?).

I have a very Christmasy weekend ahead and I'm trying to do all sorts of stuff I need to get done bead-wise done today and tomorrow. The kids get out of school for the holidays as of tomorrow afternoon, so I will focused in different directions next week... we'll be all about Christmas!!!!

That begins with the Christmas-palooza weekend!!!!! I have THREE, count them THREE parties this weekend!!!!! It's my favorite weekend of the entire year.... I really think so!

Friday night we have our small group party for our church. CCB- Christian Church, Buckhead. I love my friends there and they have become a 2nd family for me. It will be fun to have a social night celebrating our year together. Thank you Perimeter Connect Group Peeps! I love you guys!!! (but I don't think any of you read this, so I'll tell you in person tomorrow). ANYHOO.... it will be a fun night AND the first of 3 fun dress-up occasions!

Saturday night is the BIG NIGHT... the night I look forward to all year long and talk about incessantly... The Girls Gone Mild Christmas Party!!!!!! (more about that tomorrow)

and Sunday night is a very very special party.... it's a party with the 2 people I love most of all... my boys. It's our holiday party for each other. We've done this the past 2 years...this will be the 3rd. We have a party for each other... pick a special restaurant, get a little dressed up (just a little... I don't expect miracles) and go out together to celebrate Christmas. It's not about gifts... it's just about doing something special... a tradition. Then we'll drive and look at lights. I love our silly traditions that have become "our" thing over the past few years. Most of them are a little kooky.... like having 3 Christmas trees... one for each of us..... like the surprise Christmas party last year (which won't be happening this year because it's an every-other-year phenomenon to keep it surprise-worthy). SO, Sunday night is a party for the 3 of us... a special tradition... and it will be the perfect ending to my weekend of parties!

but today... WORK!!!!! Must work!!!!!!!!

Merry Merry Thursday everyone!!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes. Today I splurged on a CDL.... and it was gooooooood!

music - no. I'm watching movies while I do photo editing. Just watched "Lost in Austen" I give it a "so so" Not great, but not bad. Next up... a holiday movie. I'm thinking White Christmas OR Love Actually (again) :D

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