Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Wednesday!!!

Looks like I'm blogging weekly instead of daily now.

I have been cleaning and sorting beads tonight and WOW! There are a LOT of beads!!!

Right now I have...

64 sets of heads and feet for Head over Heels kits (26 sets to go!)
75 tiny faces for the You are My Sunshine ring
24 alternate centers for the ring (no face, just colorful and fun)
and enough miscellaneous beads to make several bead totems and pendants

I'm not sure how many mermaids and fairies I have. I need to check with my old stock and add the new ones to that number.

ANYHOO.... I've got LOTS of beads.... and soon a good number of them will be packaged with their kits (thanks to Marie, the bead fairy!)

Hope to see some of you in 2 weeks!!!

1 comment:

Regan said...

I still want to commission a Mallory one day. :D