Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

I'm busily getting ready for Bead and Button and trying to be realistic about my abilities and time between now and then. This has led me to believe that I need help... and lots of it.

I've "hired" a helper for booking my classes, which was really needed because I needed someone organized who could push me a little without me feeling too pushed. So, I'm very very thankful that the right person showed up at just the right time.

I've "hired" a person to put together kits as I get closer to B&B... that will be a huge help. (you would think that 2 teenage boys would want to earn a little extra $$, but they are NOT interested and I am happy to find someone who really wants to work and will do a good job)

(and hire is in quotations each time because I'm not really employing anyone, I'm being creative in my compensation methods... that was just for those of you who are way too interested in my financial-status)

NOW I'm looking to "hire" some sample-makers. I really really need some advanced beaders who would be willing to bead one of my kits in exchange for another kit for them to keep. If you are interested in doing this, please comment here, email me or message me on facebook. I'm looking for advanced beaders... preferably those who have made my projects before and kind of "get" me.

ok... back to beadmaking. I've just finished all the beads for any kits with HOT colors... now I'm on to mixed brights (pinks, limes, turquoises, purples) I love this combo! (and I'm sick of hot pink and orange after making 600 beads in that color scheme)

music - a mix of praise music from church.

coffee - oh yeah! CDL which was a little strong. I guess they thought I needed an extra shot of espresso

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