Thursday, August 04, 2011

I need the blackboard of bossiness in the bead room.... not just the glass studio. I have a ton of stuff to do this week, but I feel like I'm sort of spinning around in circles, not getting any of it done the way it should be.

I know that part of this is simply because I'm exhausted. I was on the road for almost 2 weeks straight and "ON" most of that time. I loved every minute of it, but when I came home with a scratchy throat, I knew it was from talking too much, which verifies the "ON" thing. I need some rest and relaxation... but that is not a part of the life of a self-employed single mom.

Big deadline on Monday, so maybe I can take a tiny breath then.... maybe.

School starts in a week and a half and that will help a bit... maybe.

I just seem to look from one deadline to the next and there are some big kahuna ones out there right now.

and on that note.... back to beading samples!

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - NEED, but don't want to go out. No half and half, so that means no coffee.
music - listening to business strategies on itunes. I know that sounds lame.


rosebud101 said...

Hi, Sylvie!

Sylvie said...

Hi Mallory!!!