Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've been all over the place on what today's blog post would be. I lost one of my biggest cheerleaders yesterday and I've kind of felt a little out-of-sorts all day because of it. I'll talk about it more on another day when I feel more myself.

SO today, instead of more talk talk talk... I have a short film! Do you feel like you're in high-school? Like I'm going to lower the screen and you're going to zone out to the clickity clack of the movie projector??? Hopefully not. This is a video filled with excitement and FIRE!!!!

(ok... maybe not so much excitement, but it does have FIRE!!!)

This a clip from a video that was shot of my demonstration at Flametree Glass in June. My good friend Marcy Lamberson was also featured as a demonstrator that night. If you go to the Flametree Website and click Demo Daze at Night you can see the full video that includes Marcy AND you can choose from other videos that were shot on other Demo Daze Nites. It was a LOT of fun and now I have a video of me doing what I love!!!

It's funny to watch how spastic I am when I work. I seem to be all over the place (but I'm going to pretend that's just how the film makes it can pretend that too.)

So... without further ado... roll film!

There will be a quiz on Tuesday. :)

Tiny blah blah blah...

music - Pandora Chris Tomlin channel, which I listened to while bawling my eyes out... being honest.... and then I gave up making beads for the day.

coffee - yes and it was wonderful. I plan to treat myself again tomorrow.

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