Tuesday, December 02, 2003

back from Thanksgiving at Disney

got to see fireworks that were incredible

won at Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin...422,000 (if you know the ride, you know I did DARN well!)

got to see 2 parades...I love parades and fireworks

rode 2 roller coasters (would like to have ridden 4)

played "you can be a millionaire" 3 times. Sat next to a woman who was a "professional" and had won enough prizes at the game at Disney last year to have to file a separate form on her taxes! I no longer will worry about my Disney habit...she comes many times (not sure how many) a year or something like that...spends most of it playing the game.

Survived family just fine

am home working and having playground stuff for kids installed. Hooray!

Have not weighed since I got home yesterday...pretty sure I gained. I can swim 6 laps at the pool, though and that makes me proud and hopeful of working off any holiday weight!

off to bead stuff...

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