Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I'm back
I'm back
I'm back.

I have to say that it is a rush to be selling beads again. It's that whole Sally Field "they like me" thing again. You do your work on your own and have no idea what people think unless you're in a class situation or if you sell your work publicly.

I am really wanting to make beads again (it's still been a while), but I absolutely need to get my studio up and ready after it's been moved to a different location in the basement.

So....until then, I'm living off of previously made bead stock.

My letter to Santa...

Dear Santa,

Because I wouldn't expect any human to pay attention to my greedy list and as my children recently told me "Santa can bring you anything you ask for...he has lots of money"...

I would like to ask you to consider bringing me the following...

A weekend at a Ritz Carlton, preferably in a beautiful city...all expenses paid including room service, transportation and a massage....so that I can bead in peace for a few days.

A new really nice firm feather/down pillow (I own a ton of pillows, but I love them and always want more)...you could include this with the Ritz Carlton visit by letting me keep one of theirs.

A big kahuna Starbucks gift card.

A ventilation system installed in my studio (I'll pay for it, but I need a genie to come and poof it into place...elves would also work I guess...but they're a bit short to do the ceiling stuff)

Diamonds - or cubic zirconia that looks real :) - a bracelet set in platinum/white gold if necessary Santa Baby.

A monkey...because according to a song (I think it's Bare Naked Ladies) "everyone wants a monkey"

Someone to remove the wallpaper in my kitchen so that I can make it green instead of terra cotta which looks like my parents and not me.

I am sure you'll think of some other fun little things to fit in a Christmas Stocking such as baubles, bath products, cute girlie stuff, etc.

I think you can handle all of these Santa...if the Genie can't show up, maybe you can come on one of your days off after Christmas to install the ventillation system.

I've been mostly good this year, but if you have room in your sleigh, please bring me a new attitude too...sometimes I need it.

Merry Christmas Santa!


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