Thursday, December 11, 2003

Life goes on after a wonderful class with Michael Barley...

I had a fantastic time on Monday and Tuesday taking a class with Michael Barley. He is a wonderful wonderful instructor and I learned a TON. I always enjoy taking classes with people whose style is SO different from mine. I can't wait to actually get a chance to use this new info I garnished from the class.

It made me really want to get back into the GLASS studio...not just the studio, but the GLASS studio.

It's cold here and my fingers are missing the keys because they are so cold! brrrrrrrrr (I'm sure people in the north would be laughing at me for being such a wuss about the cold here)

In other back to life...I finished the class and then my kids began getting sicker and sicker. The flu has hit our house HARD. Hopefully I continue as caretaker and not patient. Grif is very very sick and we were on a quest for tamiflu (sp?) after the doc prescribed it...everyone is out. Finally found it and it's miles away. Felt like I was on a quest for the Holy Grail Flu Medicine. It's worth it because he's really really sick. :(

I'm off to be mom..

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