Wednesday, December 03, 2003

just a quick update.

am totally stressed out due to absolutely no real reason. I have lots on my plate, but none of them like deadlines I've had in the past. Hmmmmmm is it just Christmas stress????? Is it husband-unemployment stress???? who knows. I am just stressed.

I am taking Michael Barley's class next week which I have wanted to take FOREVER, even begging him to teach 2 years ago when he wasn't teaching. Now I have the chance....

BUT (you knew there would be a but...)

I haven't made beads since JUNE! Yes, you read it right...JUNE! I'm really intimidated now about the class. Will have to have some quicky beadmaking time this weekend just as a warm up. Otherwise I'll have class-anticipation-anxiety in addition to the nameless stress.

On a positive note. I did NOT gain weight over Thanksgiving!!! Hooray! I ate really really sinfully yummy food at Disney and didn't feel guilty about it. I'm glad the scales didn't punish me though. Hooray.

Am feeling like a noodle right now after long swimming session. I am just gaining the endurance to really swim laps. I am taking lessons so that my stroke HELPS me get somewhere rather than keeps me from getting there. There are just too many things to think of at one time while swimming. It's like making beads I guess....hopefully it will seem more natural at some point. I like that it's a good workout but not hot and sweaty like the treadmill.

off to work.
no starbucks today.
did indulge in Chik fil a tea.

I am thinking of my Christmas list....will begin giving hints here later (knowing that my Mom will read them) and maybe like Oprah's favorite things it will bring retailers everywhere bonus sales due to my plug here. hee hee

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