Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ok, here we go again...

I'm in the studio being productive, but not having fun.

I'm on the computer, being productive, but not having fun.

I'm not a happy camper lately and need some sort of fun-injection. I feel work-driven not life-driven and that's a bummer.

Here's what I'm up to...
Writing Patterns
Making beads to go with patterns
Doing internet stuff - updating and restructuring website as well as trying to stay present on WC which I think is important, but is hard to keep up with.
Doing family stuff, miscellaneous dental/medical appointments in addition to working once a week for my father.

My weeks are not really what I want them to be schedule wise. I'm scared about summer because it's just me and the boys unless I find a way to fund summer camps (which are expensive!!!!!). and such. It's been definitely bi-polar music selections in the studio. I've loaded my i-pod and put it on a speaker system in the studio.

First - Southern Rock selections, then Sade!!!! (told you bi-polar music choices)

Today - Maroon 5, Marvin Gaye (because the M's were next to each other in the menu) then Dixie Chicks because I just arrowed up and let it stop wherever and hit play. LOL

no coffee - snapple

right now, getting ready to go to the kids school to read for 30 minutes, which honestly I know is important, but really hate to do AND it cuts up my studio day which I hate. I like having a block of time to work rather than little spurts of work time. Once the boys are home, I don't work on the torch, so it makes my "career" limited to a few hours a day IF THAT. :( Who else can do a career on those kind of hours? I'm not sure that it's "working for me" as Dr. Phil says.

When I get back, I need to change out OXY tanks. I'm ready to buy a concentrator or generator SOON!

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