Monday, April 25, 2005

I have things to talk about today and feel totally drawn here to do so, but at the same time...this is one of those personal-get your feelings hurt kind of thing and I don't know that I wish to hash it publicly now that I'm here.

So, I'll just write it invisibly and then get over it.


I hope that helps. I'm really wallowing a bit on this one. It's something that I think I need to discuss, but just not here. I'll call an impartial friend and then move on...hopefully.

I am avoiding work for some reason. I've been working on my written instructions and apparently need to finish them very quickly so that I'm credited for them. It's one of those strike while the iron is hot thing. So...I'm trying to work on that, but probably need to be making beads.

Art/Craft as a living is a difficult thing, but we've been over that before. No news there.

I haven't made beads in my studio in a long time. I need to devote tomorrow to doing that...even if they're not beads to sell, I need to make beads just to get myself moving again.

today there has been no music, but I have a new music player! I got a thing to plug my ipod into so that I can listen to it in the studio. Hopefully that will get my creative juices flowing again.

off to work on my book-ish thing.

no coffee today, no music. Snapple and HGTV

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