Monday, April 18, 2005

It's been so long since I've been here....

I missed talking to myself so I came to chat today. :)

It seems that sometimes I have time to "play" on the computer and sometimes I don't. It's when I probably shouldn't be playing on the computer that I end up doing so. It is a fine line between playing and working, though. This blog began as a work-related thing where I talked about what I did in my studio each day.

I think I need to focus and return to that. It keeps me honest about working...or not.

I taught 2 classes this past weekend and they totally drained me. I had a wonderful time and hope the students did too, but it takes a toll...teaching glass. It's such a different thing than teaching beadwork. When I'm teaching beadwork, I'm teaching a project...something in particular and everyone is on the same page...working along on that project. It's a very laid back atmosphere.

When I teach glass, students are there to learn pretty much everything I know (and that's because I'm willing to share that much) in the 2 days of the class. After spilling all of my heart/soul/knowledge of glass for the days of the takes just about everything out of me. BUT...I want to be exhausted like this more often. I totally loved teaching these classes and was reminded how much I miss teaching as often. So I'm sending those messages out to the internet...I want to teach more!!!

So happy am I, but I need to take a break before going back to work. In the past, I didn't know that and tried to keep going at full speed...even after teaching a class. Now, I give myself permission to vegetate for a day. So for my resting day (today) I surfed and did computer work on my upcoming project, so I'm not sure that it was all relaxation, but it was definitely low stress, low mobility day.

I hopefully will have work related things to say in the future and maybe I will do my positive thinking things now to do some sort of self-fulfilling profecy that I will work when I should and be successful...

or not. I'm not sure I wish to do all my self-help things on the web for the world to see....sufice it to say that I am positively thinking. :)

And now for the old favorities...
No music, a couple of old movies.
No coffee, just you think they'd hire me as the new snapple lady? Might be another career choice....drinking snapple and smiling a lot...answering people's letters, etc. Seems like a sweet job!

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