Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Writing pattern... diagram-palooza. This pattern is sooooo pretty (which sounds crazy...that the actual pattern would be pretty. The project is pretty, but the diagrams are pretty too!)

On a completely different note... my youngest son has commented that my facebook (and probably my blog too, but he doesn't read it) postings look like an elementary school girl wrote them. He's disturbed by the liberties I take with punctuation.

Oh well. I told him that I'm an adult and I KNOW how to write correctly. I just CHOOSE to be creative with my punctuation marks and sentence structure. I've earned that right! :D

back to work! Have a wonderful day everyone!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes!!!!!!!!!!
music - Otis Redding Pandora Station. It rocks! I love that they include Van Morrison in the mix along with Aretha and Al Green (luuuuuuv me some Al)


DGranna said...

That boy is my grandson... totally judgmental and obsessed with punctuation. The Apostrophe Queen approves.

Sylvie said...

Yes, but you still love me and all my extra decorative punctuation marks! :)