Friday, August 06, 2010

Summertime..... and the livin' is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

(that's supposed to be accompanied by music, but you'll just have to put in an imaginary soundtrack)

Just wanted to let my readers know I'm still alive....just not as bloggy as usual. Our one computer household has left me without computer a lot of the time, so I'm picking and choosing how to best use my "ration" of computer time and most often other business things are higher in priority order than blogging.

In a few weeks, we'll be back to normal schedule and I'll have a bit more time to keep in touch. In the meantime, imagine me beading, making beads, writing patterns and signing up for shows (while at the same time managing 2 teenage boys schedules).

Countdown to margarita Monday begins this week! (check back through prior years blog entries during other back-to-school times if you need a definition for that one!!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

FINALLY got some Starbucks today! YAY!!!

music - Cake

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