Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wanda Wishes..................................
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This is today's funny. At least I think it's funny, and as long as this is my blog, well that's what it's all me me!

I am still not at the torch. Have been on computer all day (other than quick fast food run)

no coffee- though I was totally tempted after writing "yesterday's entry"

I went back to find the original image that I used to do this picture...just to show how way far off I ended up from the original, but i discovered that I had overwritten the old picture with the new one. oh, well. When I have time, I'll post the other pics that go with the earlier girls.

off to work doing something, not sure what yet.

music - allison Kraus, Diana Kraul (I'm just going reverse alphabetically through my music...not!)

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