Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday morning and I'm actually blogging 2 days in a row.

I spent a little time re-formatting the blog to make it prettier and I'm happy for now with how it turned out.

Am going to make beads next. Not driving today, made kids take the bus (gasp). Am a bit paranoid about all the gas stuff on the news. Of course, I hadn't watched the news for about 4 days and had absolutely no idea how bad the hurricane situation was. I was a bit shocked and freaked out when I did see the news. (I'd been watching tivo stuff instead of actual tv for the past week...old movies, recorded reality stuff...definitely NOT the news)

I was a bit worried last night about all the stuff that might have an effect on me personally (which is totally selfish when you look at the big picture) but my mind went straight to..."oh no, what if we can't get gas...what if groceries can't get to stores...what if I can't afford the new prices that everything will be...I need to plant a garden...) So I got a little carried away and today I am trying to calm down a bit about it all. I am avoiding driving, though for sure. What finally caused me to watch the news was the line I saw at our corner gas station yesterday evening when we went to ball practice. It wrapped around the building at least once. I thought there had been some freak accident that caused everyone to have to detour through Texaco. Once I figured out what was going on, I had to watch the news and see what the heck I'd been missing.

So...I'm going to try to make my 1/2 tank of gas last as long as possible. I'm afraid of driving to the pump only to find they're sold out and then having to drive around to find gas and then running out of gas before I find someplace. See...I panic when I start to think of it all.

Ok...this is my beadmaking journal, not my freak out journal, so I'm going to go make beads now. I have to grab my ipod first, though. I can't make beads w/out music.

Coffee - not right trip to starbucks is in site, but maybe I'll crank up the espresso machine...but NO! I'm out of milk!!! DRAT!
Music - planning to listen to my groove tunes play list, but might have to move to something calmer, depending on the mood.

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