Friday, September 02, 2005

3 days in a row!!

But who is counting? really?

Well, I'm cooking each day and posting auctions each day, so you never know...I could even blog each day (well, let's not get carried away!)

Am at present, loading Harry Potter CDs onto computer so that I can listen to book6 on my ipod today. Need to escape reality for a while...That's actually how I started the Harry Potter thing in the first place. After 9/11, I was so down and couldn't listen to the radio w/ out bad news and when I listened to my own music, my mind wandered and I got sad again. So...Stephanie who worked at the bead store (where my studio was at the time) brought me the books on tape and it was a great escape.

I've alread read book 6 (the day it came out and the following day actually...was in Las Vegas, bought the book at the airport, read it on the way home, finished it the next a fast reader), but I love listening to the man who reads the books on tape. It adds so much to the story. Unabridged, so you don't miss any real text, but adding character voices makes it so much fun.

Once ipod is loaded am off to make beads (several days in a row...almost...of that too!). I'm a virtual organized/beadmaker! Not!

Have a new auction up with one of my old-school "paintings" that go with it. Her name is Flora Whodunnit and it is very cute if I do say so myself. The picture is a seek and find of all different elements of a bead set. Very fun to create and will have to do more. Wish I had the ones I'd made in 2001 (fire) because they were fun too and it would be great to see them again.

off to make starbucks, still saving gas...have iced tea (homemade!) instead.

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