Monday, September 05, 2005

Amelia Overwhelmed

Labor day - laboring in the studio.

I-pod on and I'm listening to "chick tunes" which is my list of songs that could be from the soundtrack of a "chick flick". All different types of songs, but mostly girl tunes. :)

I actually started my day w/ Starbucks!! Woo hoo! Had a mocha and was ready for the day! I'm only doing starbucks about once a week (if that) now and am feeling very in control of my habit (I sound like a heroin addict or something!) "hi my name is sylvie and I'm a starbucksaholic. It's been 7 days since my last cup" :)

I am doing non-beadmaking studio work today...taking pictures, making bead bundles, measuring and naming beads. Hopefully later will make another silly bead picture. I really enjoy doing that and am wondering if it's a sideline business in the making. I can really see some of these as t-shirts or greeting cards. hmmmmmmm. Maybe having a Patience Brewster (see right) card sitting at my desk is pushing me that way. hmmmmmmm (I said that already didn't I)

"hmmm" is the word that my therapis uses frequently. I think it's just when she is getting bored and wants to sound like she's really considering what I'm saying. ..which is actually pretty boring on my end too. LOL to work.

(here is picture of newest bead print...I think I'm quite clever and since this is my very own journal, I can say that and no one can say anything contrary to that and if they do...I'll just delete their comment! - though no one reads or comments anyways!)

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