Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Big Haired Girl today..............

It's not really Wednesday, but I'm going back in time to post about yesterday. I tried to log on and blog, but for some reason the computer wasn't letting me. It was not a day to get to do anything creative. :(

I work at a real job on Wednesdays, so there was no time to play with beads or pictures. NOT THAT I SHOULD BE PLAYING! I have too much real beadwork to do right now to be playing!!! So, with that said, I'm going to pretend that Wednesday is over and go to Thursday, where I will also say that I should be working and not blogging!

coffee - yes, I had coffee on Weds - iced Hazlenut latte...yum, makes me want to get another (but then I wouldn't be working and that wouldn't be good)

music - classical stuff in the office...forgot the ipod.

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