Monday, May 18, 2009


Time is flying by way too fast for me right now... and way too slow at the same time.

I have only TWO WEEKS till I leave for Bead and Button and I am NOWHERE near ready.

I have finally fought off whatever was keeping me out of my studio, but OY do I have a lot of catching up to do!!!!!

I got 11 fairies made this weekend and a TON of encased stringer. Hopefully enough to get me through most of the focal beads. I go through a LOT of that when making my girls. I probably will have to make more green leaf-cane, but I have enough to go a few more days anyways.

The boys have NO CLUE what they're in for the next couple of weeks. They have never had to deal with their mom in "production mode" at the same time as being the only parent around. I have no idea how I'm going to balance it all, but I will.

I've told them that as of Saturday, they are my employees and will be doing whatever I need them to do in order to get ready for the show AND that once we hit the road, they are FULL TIME employees and will be paid handsomely at the end of the show (how handsomely depends how well I do at the show. I'm really hoping for Playstation 3 well... but I guess we'll see)

I think it will be good for them to see what's really involved in being an artist and doing shows... and that this really is a JOB. I have no idea if they will or not.

note to self... buy walkie talkies (do they sell a set of 4 that can talk to each other??? if so, we need them for the show)

ok... off to work. Must pack the office because we are oh-so-very-inconveniently moving the same week that I'm trying to get ready for my show. ugh.

coffee - CDL (I need about 3 of them today)

music - Corinne Bailey Rae. It's not working as calming music yet.... might have to switch to JT

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CreekHiker said...

Hey Sylvie, I'm late to the party here but yes they do sell them in sets of two and four at Best Buy. I've bought them for our family to keep up with my sister at the MALL! (She disappears on us!)

Didn't realize you were taking the boys to B&B...what an experience for them. Wish I were going...

Good luck getting ready and thanks again for hosting the FYV class!