Friday, May 29, 2009

Could I be freaking out more than I freaked out yesterday????

Guess so.

Yet, I continue to make beads! I should pack!!! But I'm already half-packed (I keep telling myself this since I never really unpacked from the last bead and button... that's when I took my hiatus)

So, I need to box what's not already boxed... but I want to make beads! I need to make more beads!!

In the meantime, I've been asked for a picture of the Limited Edition Halloween Head Over Heels... so here it is!

It will be available through August for order and purchase from the website. I won't post it until I get back (because I won't know how many I have in stock until then).

BUT you can pre-shop by emailing me and letting me know you want one and what color hair/hat you'd like it to have...

Hair - blonde, redhead, dark brunette, black (black doesn't look good with the black hat and orange doesn't look good with the orange hat)

Witch Hat - Black, Orange, Lime Green. Lime and Black hats have an orange pumpkin on them... Orange hat has purple flowers for decorations.

Here's a picture of the redhead in a black hat...

ok... off to make fairy princesses and fairy godmothers....

See you Thursday!!!!!!!!!!

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