Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One week and one day till Bead and Button and I'm only SLIGHTLY freaking out here.

I'm totally excited, totally nervous, totally exhausted.... lots of totallys.

I have been making beads like a mad-woman the past couple of days. It's hard balancing life w/ a full day in the studio, but I'm trying to do that.... not sure how successfully.

I'm not crazy about being in the studio till 11 pm, but I did it tonight and will probably have to repeat that at least once more this week. It reminded me of the old old old days when I used to work after the boys went to bed. I'm less of a night-owl now... mostly because I have to be a morning owl too!

I've been making witch heads and feet all day for the head over heels halloween kits. I hadn't planned to take more than 10, but since 5 sold before I even LEFT for the show, I'm trying to scramble and have a few more ready to go. I did a non-witch-hat version tonight that's really cute. I'm not sure I like it better, but it's a fun variation. It's going to be hard for me NOT to make lots of variations all the time. Having limited edition kits will be more focused on one style until it's gone... and then move to another style. The Halloween kit is what's out there NOW, but I'm going to have the Christmas kit ready to roll by September... and the Valentines kit by Thanksgiving... you get the picture.

SO... I'm trying to stick with the original design for this kit, but I keep wandering... oh well.

I need to make mermaid babies tomorrow. Thats one of the things I'm lacking in my inventory... mermaid babies and fairy godmothers. Their faces are the hardest for me, so I've kind of waited, hoping my hands would be back in the groove and ready to tackle something so detailed and small. I think i'm ready.

ok... i'm rambling because I'm sleepy!

music for the studio... Adele, then my "Mondo Favorite Playlist" which has a little of everything. Adele is in my head, however and I can't get it out. "I'm the only one in love......" (sung with a lovely brittish accent)

no coffee in the studio... just Dasani Raspberry (which I couldn't find at the store... they had better NOT discontinue my favorite flavor!)

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Holly said...

Hi Sylvie,
Where do you have your Halloween Head Over Heels kit for sale?