Wednesday, May 13, 2009

quicky post

Made beads on Sunday. Thought I'd have pictures to post... haven't even gone back to get them out of the kiln!!

Ran out of propane while i was making them and laughed because I didn't realize that's what was going on. I hadn't run out of propane since..... 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a new tank and need to get it hooked up, but life has been busy with kid stuff in the evenings, so no time for beads until Friday. I neeeeeed Friday to get here quick! But then I need the weekend to last extra long so I can get everything done. Can anyone do that for me??? Rush tomorrow and slow down the weekend??? sounds like an episode of LOST!!

speaking of which... It's WEDNESDAY!!! woo hoo!!!! A new episode is on tonight!!! Love that show!!!!

ok... off to buy a kid a pair of shoes.

coffee - already had one CDL... need another

music - not right now, but I will in the car! I need some fun old-school stuff. I think that Otis Redding is in order. :)

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