Monday, January 25, 2010

It's the first day of a very busy week.

Tax prep.
Volunteer as church secretary
work on new patterns
make more beads for existing projects
shipping diva (I'm trying to make it sound exciting... I'm really bad at shipping)
bead inventory and ordering
make beads for new idea I have
make beads for new project prototypes
book retreat locations (CA and MI??)
make kits for rings
send out email announcing new ring project

and that's only part of the list!! I'm exhausted just looking at it!!!!!

Sure... I don't work in a cubicle and I get to set my own hours... but often those hours go into the WEE HOURS and I think this week/weekend might be one of those weeks.

Hope to have fun pictures to share when some of the work has been completed. The new Head Over Heels for Spring girl is going to be ADORABLE!!!! Can't wait to show her off!!

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - YES! I splurged and used some of my gift card today!

music - not really... but I need some!


Regan said...

You just made ME feel tired. Just sayin'. :D

Bday extravaganza soon?

Sylvie said...

YES! We need to celebrate both our birthdays!! I'll email you rather than sort out the details here in my blog! lol