Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last night I made soup.

Not literal "soup for dinner" kind of soup (I made mexican food for dinner, for the record... it wasn't soup, but it was good!) ANYWAYS... back to the soup! I made BEAD SOUP last night.

Bead Soup is when I sit in my studio and think about what I want to make and start grabbing tubes, hand-fulls of beads... whatever floats my boat, trying to come up with a color scheme for a project and lay it all on a tray (or in this case a box lid) together and see how it sorts out. Some colors will make the cut... some won't. I'll add some colors to the mix I'm sure... but this is the starting place for a project... bead soup.

The Spring Head Over Heels is swimming in my brain right now and I needed to at least take a step towards getting her in progress (because it really isn't THAT long until mid March when I'm launching her!) So, I sat amongst the beads last night dreaming of spring... thinking fairy tales... and making soup. (there was a hint in there for those of you waiting to find out about the next limited edition girl)

The soup I made is pretty pretty pretty and hopefully the girl will turn out just as sweet!

tiny blah blah blah for today...

coffee - yummy home-made coffee
music - mostly Praise music... and then some Elvis Costello (that's a weird mix huh?)

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