Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm packed and on the road, on the way to Bead and Button, via Madison, WI and a couple of days of fun with the boys.

That said, there is STILL much work that has to be done prior to the show (beads to be cleaned, stickers to be stuck, printing to be done)

But... everything that could be packed got packed and we're in Indiana half-way there (on the slowest wireless connection known to man... Holiday Inn, Columbus, IN)

My hotwire hotel is really NOT a great one for this stop. The other 2 I picked were in places I KNEW and knew the hotel choices so that I could figure out the anonymous hotwire choices better. This isn't a TERRIBLE hotel, but isn't as nice as the others we'll be staying at for sure! I'm really looking forward to my nights at the Hilton in's such a nice hotel (and getting it for $65 a night instead of $140 is even NICER!)

so today is driving the 2nd half of the drive, while I convince my boys to let me listen to music I like instead of music they THINK I should like. HOPEFULLY our conversations today will take a different twist and turn... yesterday seemed to be Beavis and Butthead's Vacation movie (if they had one)

I think Beavis (whichever one that might be at the moment) will not be happy to find he is bagging seed beads today! They are putting little baggies of them together to give as Saybeads samples at the show. I'm SO excited about some things that are coming up for that end of the business... including a REAL LAUNCH of the site with beads and everything (she says facetiously since there has pretty much been nothing going on there since I started the site... because I haven't done all the data entry!)

I'm gathering an e-mail list at this show so that I can email them all when the site is done and start really selling the itty bitty beads. I sell such small quantities of them... it really is a good thing for beaders.... because who (other than me) needs 30 grams of a 15/0 color?????? (if you don't bead, you have no idea what I'm talking about... but it's like buying 20lbs of rice in order to make 4 servings for dinner... I'm selling more like 12 servings at a time)

SO we're having a drawing at the end of the show... the winner gets the WHOLE assortment of Saybeads seedbeads (185 colors currently) and WE get, hopefully a LOT of email addresses for our mailing list. I've told Griffin, that he will be in charge of getting people to sign up for the drawing/mailing-list. I've also got 300 cards with a discount code for when they make their first purchase.... AND an incredibly great feature for the site which I was going to talk about, but have to get ready to hit the road.... so I'll have to leave you hanging in suspense!

I see a Starbucks sign across the street, so I will be having coffee, a gift from Dawn and Emma today! Thank you girls (if you read this)!!!!!!!!!

music - who knows what will prevail in our fight over the ipod/radio today. I REALLY wish I knew where my ipod was. I couldn't find it ANYWHERE before we left.... which left me listening to the kids ipod or whatever local stations I could find.... which haven't been TOO bad up until an hour outside of Louisville where we got nothing good.

ok... hitting the shower and hitting the road! more later!!

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