Thursday, February 18, 2010

A great Sylviebead day!

It's been a great day in Sylviebead world. Truly.

I acted as teacher's assistant for Caitlin Hyde today. I have always admired her work... never taking a class or seeing a demo, but just looking at her exquisite detailed beads. When I taught a class at the Gathering in Lowell, MA in 2003, her class was next to mine and I really really wished I could have been in the class when I saw her beads. NOW I've seen how they're made and they're even MORE incredible!

I learned a TON today. Truly. EASILY one of the best classes I've taken (although I'm not OFFICIALLY taking it. I do get to watch all the demos!)

And in other news... a show that I REALLY have been interested in doing, contacted ME to see if I'm interested in doing their show! That was truly cool. Hopefully things will work out and I can be a part of this great show. YAY!!

more class tomorrow... can't wait to see what else I learn!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yummy FREE cinnamon dolce latte purchased with a free drink coupon! YAY!!!

music - nope. Just demos.

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