Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I'm checking in before I go spend some quality time in the studio.

I'm bundled up and ready to go! It's really cold in ATL today, so it's SUPER cold in the studio.

The plan is LOTS of baby beads. LOTS I tell you!!! I haven't made bead bundles to sell on e-bay in 4 years(?) Could that be right???? Anyways, it's time. They're fun to make when I view it as playing with color and I need some bread-and-butter beads right now, so I'm hoping these will do the trick.

I love just sitting with a color palette in mind and seeing what tiny beads spring forth based on the colors. I usually have a plan, but abandon it a few mandrels into the list and go with what "calls my name" I'm not sure what the color palette du jour is yet, but I'll let you know tomorrow. (I'm thinking pinks, but that could change in 5 minutes!)

The only bad thing about bundles and ebay is the photography, editing, posting, etc. I need to do it, so I'm going to do my best to focus, stay on top of things organizationally (that's a word... if it wasn't, it is now!) and be consistent. I found that was what worked for me. Having a consistent presence on ebay, "branding" my work (even though it was just collections of little beads) and frequent newsletters to my customers. We'll see how it goes.

In other non-baby-bead news... I'm working on my entry to Convergence. She's also the spring kit, so I have double motivation to get her done. She's turning out really cute so far, but there are some challenges ahead. She's got wings!!!!! (and that is the challenge)

ok... I've talked too long. Time for work!

have a great afternoon everyone!!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - yes! yummy Cinnamon dolce latte which they tried to convince me to order "skinny" because they're having a contest. I HATE splenda... it tastes really bad to me. I'm totally on board with the non-fat thing, but the fake sugar thing doesn't work at all, so they didn't get their "star" for selling me a Splenda-rized CDL.

music - not sure what's going to be on the ipod for the studio work, but I'm thinking sing-a-long sounds good, so probably the Dixie Chicks!

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rosebud101 said...

Hi, Sylvie, see you soon!