Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Wednesday!

We're half-way there!!!!! I laugh with a friend of mine and name the days of the week different things. I told him this one is called "OMGwillthisweekneverend? Wednesday"

I will be very glad to get to Friday. Not that I really get a day off.... I still work on weekends, but the structure changes a bit and I do get to mix in some social stuff with work AND I get to hang out with people from my church. Can I just say one more time how much I love those people???

I don't think any of them are blog readers, but they are the most incredible group of people... all of them. I go to a funky cool church (you know it's a bit different when the minister wears flip flops and always looks like he has bed-head. Sorry Derek... if you're reading this.... you know it's true, but we still think you're great and wouldn't want you to change) I now work at the church a tiny bit. Just enough to get to spend a little more time with people there... and I really really enjoy it.

The rhythm of my weeks has changed since the new year and I'm slowly getting into the groove. I love all the different things involved with the new schedule (all different hats I'm wearing lately), but it's definitely different and it's taking a little adjusting.... but I will!

One of the really cool things I mentioned on Monday. Marie is back in my studio every once in a while. Beadmaking is such a solitary thing... it's different when she's there, BUT it's nice at the same time to have that change of pace AND to have someone who "gets" me and can help me catch up with things I'm behind on.... and wearing all the hats I wear just in my small business, it's easy to get behind. I'm diligently plugging away at getting caught up though! And Marie is a WONDERFUL help in making strides that direction.

AND I love that it's a bartering situation. I'm helping her get her artfire site going and to get ebay auctions set up. She's a beadmaker as well.... Marie's Artifire shop!

SO, it's a good trade off... computer knowledge (me) for bead-diva-ness (Marie). I like when things work out like that.

ok... back to work catching up!

tiny blah blah blah....

music - not yet

coffee - GIFT CARD purchased Cinnamon dolce latte. YAY for coffee gifts and tips!!! :)

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