Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday!

I'm working on being inspired. I'm NOT inspired lately, which is normal for an artist... highs and lows of ideas and plateaus where you work on ideas. Thing is... I need a little nudge in the creative department this week. I'm fully energized and ready to work... I just am not finding the "it" that makes it happen. SO, until "it" shows up, I'm focusing on my inspirational room (see yesterday's blog post)

I've got it painted and today I'm moving furniture into it (all stuff I had in other areas of the house... just re-purposing/re-cycling), so that the bones will be in place. Next step is adding UMPH. Adding the things that make it ME... the things that will make me feel happy and ready to create. And as I started to write this post, I thought... SO, what ARE those things???

I'm not completely sure. I know that my old studio made me happy... for lots of reasons, but one of them was color. It was full of color. So, I plan to bring in a lot of accent pieces/pictures that fill the room with color. (and the clock that hung on the wall of the old studio, which I love... a funky garden-angel whose legs swing back and forth as the pendulum! I wish I knew who made her...she's so cute!... anyways, I miss having her on the wall, so I'm bringing her back!)

Next, I tried to think about other rooms I've been in/had and what I liked about them. My dorm room in college was one of my FAVORITE rooms I've ever had. My room-mate Elaine and I filled the room with all kinds of stuff... a mix of fabrics, an oriental rug, white christmas lights, movie posters... you name it, we had it. I LOVED that room and its coziness. That's one of the things I'm going for in my space.... cozy. (which is why in addition to having work-tables/chairs/storage stuff, I've got an over-stuffed chair and couch!)

In that room, we covered the walls with a collage from fashion magazines. It looked so funky and fun! SO, I intend to have a collage wall, where I can pin up stuff that makes me happy or makes my brain twirl around with ideas.

I have several artists whose work does that for me... so I plan on putting up pictures/prints from them, as well as snippets and quotes that make me smile. The book I referenced yesterday, talks about putting up a clothesline for hanging stuff like this. I love that! I'm pretty sure that's how I'm going to handle the collage idea. I have plenty of wall-space and that will be a great way to switch things out as I go along.

I LOVE having something to write on like a white-board or a chalk-board, so I'm putting up a "peelie thing" (I'm pretty sure these things have official names, but it's something that is easily removed from the wall) that's a chalk-board in a funky shape like an old picture frame. That way I can write myself notes or reminders or just write things that make me smile. I have that in the glass studio for "to-do" lists, but I'd like this one to be a little more fun.

I'll add nick-knacks that I've got in the studio downstairs, along with some glass pieces from friends that have never really had a home.

I'm also bringing in a bunch of different fabric swatches because colors and patterns are a great place to draw from when doing beadwork... PLUS I've got some new mixed media stuff brewing that i'll be using fabric for... so it's going to have a dual purpose.

I'll add a small stereo because I can't live w/out my music.

What else?? Not sure. I'll keep you posted!

What inspires you??? Maybe it will give me some ideas too!

tiny blah blah blah...

no coffee, but I really need some.

music - about to turn it on!

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