Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fresh From the Oven...

Twisted components!!!!!

I talked yesterday about my experiences using the Twisty Tools for making the components for my earrings and Deb (hi Deb!!) requested that I show a photo of how they turned out... so here they are!

Only 4 of them made it into the photo, but of the 7 components I made, SIX were the same size!  WOO HOO!!!

These are components for my College Colors collection of ornaments and earrings.  These are the beginnings of the Georgia Tech earrings... the hipstamatic app that I use on the iphone to take photos in the studio made the colors a lot brighter than they actually are, but you can see the twists and the happy matching components.  YAY me!!

Here's a little preview of the Auburn ornaments.  This one was a prototype and it's not quite the way I want it, but it's fun AND it made my friend Halee happy... so I did ok.

Again, the colors photographed brighter than they actually are.  My favorite Auburn fans said that I got the colors just right...so I'm going with it! 

I've got GA Tech, UGA and Auburn in the works right now, but I plan on having Florida, UT and maybe FSU in time for the show... or at least some of those!  I'm going with the teams that belong to my good friends FIRST, then adding the others.  (it's not like I don't have enough OTHER things to make for the show as well!!)

My mom asked if I felt like I was selling out doing college colors (I'm not sure if she used the word sell-out, but it's what she meant)  I decided that I don't as long as I stick with my OWN designs and just use color combos from the colleges.... and this mama needs to pay the bills, so sometimes a tiny bit of "sell-out" isn't a bad thing.

HOPEFULLY they WILL sell... we'll see.  They will be at my booth at the Norcross Arts Festival, October 1-2 in Norcross, GA...  all the cool kids will be there!  (well, I will anyways!)

Till then... Go Sylvie!!  and Go Team!(s)

tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope.  tea instead.
music - a repeat of the Sara Bareilles pandora station.  love it!


Debra said...

Hooray Sylvie,
It looks like you've GOT it going now. I don't think you're selling out. Yes, you've gotta pay the rent and buy glass. Selling out is making pipes. Ok, pipes in college colors is *really* selling out.


Sylvie said...

Deb, that really did make me laugh out loud. I agree. THAT, for me would be selling out. There are people that are artists that are quite happy making them, but if I ever did, I wouldn't feel good about it because it's just not me.

The college colors are fun and make people happy... and that's what my work is about. :)