Friday, September 09, 2011

Yet no one clicks....

Do you see those little things at the bottom of the blog postings?  Something about "funny" "interesting" "cool"  WELL... no one, NO ONE ever clicks. 

On Facebook, people are all about the click!  Like-like-likety-like-like all day long on my Sylvie page, but here on the blog????  Nada.  And the blog has been around a lot longer than the facebook page.  Are you age-ist readers???  You like the Facebook page because it's younger and sexier?  I don't believe that. 

Give it up for the blog!!!  It's 10 years old now... TEN YEARS I've been blogging, bringing you scintillating conversation (albeit one-sided conversation, but still!) and fah-bulous images (ok... the images are not consistent, but I'm TRYING to post more lately)  Anyways... I blog away and get nothing in return (sniff sniff)  not even a little click of the mouse.  I'm hurt.  ;)

I've put up with stalker-blog readers, critical blog-readers, snoopy-blog readers, LOST blog readers looking for pool-cleaners... all for you... my REAL, favorite readers, yet do you click?????  nope. 

SO... I'm posting another picture of my new work... another wack-a-doodle animal ornament (these are big pieces... not little beads, these are big Christmas ornament-sized pieces).  PLEASE click "interesting" if you hate it (because that's what people say in Art critiques when they really don't like something... and it really is OK if you don't like it.  It's weird!) OR "cool" if you do.... funny would work too.... because it's pretty funny looking!  I'm still not sure about these pieces.  I know that they are a part of my dealing with sad by making happy... but is it going to go somewhere???

I liked the funny ears on this guy.  The photograph makes his eyes look different because of the glare, but now I'm thinking that the eye on the right looks like it has a funny eyebrow... and I might try that intentionally next time.    SO what do YOU think???  Feel free to comment, but DEFINITELY put that mouse to work and click SOMETHING!

Ready?  Set?  CLICK!!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!!

tiny blah blah blah...

music - yes.. a fun Genius mix on itunes that was based on a Jason Mraz song.  I wish I had saved it before switching to another list because it had some good quirky songs on it!

coffee - yes.  I indulged at Starbucks again.  That might be the last time until after upcoming shows/classes.  I have to reward myself, but Keurig's gonna be my buddy for a little while.  Maybe my coffee sponsors will show up again.  Where's Ramundo when I need him???!!!


j said...
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j said...
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Debra said...

I've NEVER even noticed the little clicky boxes at the bottom! Where have I been? And am I a "stalker blogger". Dunno, but if I am, you are the one I would stalk. Hugs to you, Sylvie, and I still love the wacky new work.

Sylvie said...


You are NOT a blog-stalker at ALL!!! I know you and you are TOTALLY invited to the "blog party!" (and now you know how to click on the boxes! :) )