Friday, September 23, 2011

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I'm not good at waiting.  Seriously not good.  I would open my Christmas presents early if I was given the opportunity... I would go FIND them if I knew they were hidden and find-able.

Some days opening the kiln is like Christmas... you've anticipated, you're excited, you WANT what's inside the box...BUT you can't open a kiln early without ruining the work you've done.  And that's where I am right now.  I am DYING to go open the kiln, but it's not ramped down yet.

I haven't had one of these days in quite a while... where I'm DYING to see the end results of what I've made.  A lot of times what I'm making is "ordinary" stuff...meaning stuff I usually make, only as variations on a theme.  Today, however, there is some crazy-ass new stuff that I am DYING to see.  It might be horrible... I'm preparing myself for that, but it might be WONDERFUL too.... and if it is, then it puts a new spin on some things that have been brewing.

ALSO in the kiln are a few components for my class in Michigan in 2 weeks... I'll be teaching a ring and it's got sort of a spooky theme, BUT I'm doing several different choices for the centerpiece and I'm really looking forward to taking those out of the kiln as well.... because one of the HOPEFULLY WONDERFUL things in the kiln is a variation on something for that class.  (can you say "unfortunate pets as a ring???  scary, possibly... but hopefully wonderfully weird instead!)

speaking of unfortunate pets... here's what greeted me from the kiln today...

paranoid kitty

off to check and see if the kiln has ramped down....
(I hope it's not a punk Christmas)

tiny blah blah blah

coffee - yes.  Starbucks....and the new barista guy already knew my order, which was NOT good because that means I've been there too much lately!!!  (but was good for him because it means he's good at being a barista!)

music - Christmas.... but I haven't made a single REAL Christmas-y ornament YET and I've listened to that playlist for 3 days... I keep hoping that it will make me break out the red and green... but it hasn't yet.  It does make me laugh at my absolutely horrible taste in Holiday music. 


Debra said...

Now you've gotten me waiting, too. Anxious kitty, not paranoid. Open the kiln, already.

Sylvie said...

I did. The things were fab... except for one absolutely weird thing which might be fab in its own way. Can't wait for you to see these... I almost want to surprise you guys, but who signs up for a surprise class???!??!