Monday, September 26, 2011

Reluctant Flying Dog

Quickie from the studio! This is one of the pieces from my crazy studio day last week.

He's definitely a Flying Dog... But he's not real happy about it!

Off to make more stuff!


Debra said...

Sylvie, I cannot wait to see these pieces in Michigan, the ghoulies and the whimsey critters. OK, people in the rest of the country, get your bead stores or studios to bring Sylvie in to teach. Then you'll get to enjoy the fun I will have in just another week. You won't be sorry.

Sylvie said...


Honestly, I hope I don't HAVE any to show you that weekend!!! I'm hoping they all sell at the show THIS weekend.... which will cause me to have 3 days of crazy manic preparations for your classes. :)

(but if they don't sell, they will definitely be taking the trip to Michigan with me) :)

Do you like the crazy cabochon??