Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beads Beads Beads Beads Beads....

I am up to my neck in data-entry of seed-beads. I love them, but WHAT a pain, to enter all these numbers, quantities, images, etc.

BUT it's necessary and will be SO cool when it's all done! I have a couple more weeks until my self-imposed deadline.... but oy! I get dizzy looking at all these numbers... let alone bagging the little beads!!!!

And while I'm talking about tedious stuff.... This has absolutely NOTHING to do with beads (well, it sort of does) I'm buying a car. I HATE, absolutely HATE buying cars. I thought I had it narrowed down to a certain car, but after driving to Wisconsin and back, I now know that it's not practical to down-size QUITE as much as I was trying to. I've got to save money, but if I'm doing bead shows, there is no way I can get stuff transported in a tiny car...even if it gets great gas mileage.... it was wishful thinking (and pre-bead-comeback thinking).

SO... I'm back to doing research into which economical cars can fit long-legged people... 3 of us and bead stuff (see? I DID make this something to do with beads!!) Whatever I buy is going to have to last us quite a long time, so I need to make sure it's something that teenagers with long legs can fit into easily AND learn to drive (yikes!) So far, I've had to compromise what I was wanting for mpg in order to get more cargo/leg-room. (and I just couldn't see myself driving the car that kept ending up at the top of the list... so I'm glad it doesn't have the cargo room I need.)

ANYWAYS... time is ticking away... my van is about to go ka-put and I need to get this taken care of before it does! SO... seed bead entry and car research... that is the focus of the rest of my week.


tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - today was a TERRIBLE coffee day!!!! I stopped at Dunkin Donuts because it was closer this morning. They usually have decent coffee.... ICK! This stuff was AWFUL and I didn't taste it until I was on down the road!!! So much for their slogan "friends don't let friends drink Starbucks"

music - radio. I can't figure out WHERE my ipod is!!!!! The last place I had it was the new office... now it's missing and NOT at the office. I'm going to have to abscond with one of the boys (and they're not going to be happy about that!) when I'm back in the studio next week.

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woooohooooo Sylvie is back!