Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm frustrated.

I have an OLD webpage... we're talking 1997 here... that I can't delete and I can't edit. I can't even figure out how to GET to the website, let alone delete or edit it.

Thing is... when people search for me online...it's still there. That old page still shows as a search result and you can still click on it and read it. It's really inaccurate on SO many levels and I WANT to delete it, but can't figure out how. And it's driving me crazy. I wish I could fix it. I don't like having false information out there that says I'm married to someone when I'm not... that I live somewhere that I don't.


(that's my scream of frustration)

SO... until I can figure it out... I guess I'm stuck.


Louise said...

I hear your scream!
Sylvie is it the Geocities one? Did you try contacting them - I'd think at least they should be able to send you your password so you can get in there and delete stuff.

That's a real pain!

Sylvie said...

When I go to geocities, it says that geocities no longer exists, but that the websites are still in tact.

It takes me to yahoo for login... when I log into yahoo, it doesn't show up under my pages.

Other people have tried to get their passwords (there is a forum that talks about this problem) and yahoo won't send them their old geocities passwords. oy!

Louise said...

Oh that is bad! They used to be big too eh - there must be a lot of fed up people out there! :(