Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Wednesday and I've got a lot on my plate.

Figuring out what shows to apply for, what shows to try to teach at... it's very overwhelming.

I never really started my business as a business when I began this back in 1997ish. I was making beads, then selling beads, then suddenly, I was doing it full-time...without really thinking that I COULD do it full-time, it was just a reaction to personal circumstance that threw me into it...

But the thing is... there was never this initial plan it all out stage... it just sort of grew on its own.

Now I'm in a completely different place. I'm starting fresh and need to have start-up funds and all that... this is NOT how I did things before and it's a bit intimidating. In the past, if I wanted to do a show, I paid the fees out of the existing monies from the last show.... that doesn't work right now. I'm trying to plan multiple shows into the future, and they all need booth-fees up front, so it's a big risk! What to do... where to do it... teach while I'm there, etc. YIKES!

SO... I'm putting feelers out and calling friends, asking for advice and I'm SO glad these friends are out there to help me. I'd be pretty lost and clueless without them (and that's not something I'm used to... being lost and clueless!)

Today's plan... fill out teacher application for Bead Fest Santa Fe. Fill out exhibitor application for Bead Fest Portland AND Bead Fest Santa Fe. It's scary and intimidating to make this leap... but I'm the same person who was able to do it in the past... even better!

(go Sylvie go!!!!!)

tiny blah blah blah.....

coffee - I SO need it... I'm on my way!

music - G is sitting here singing Bohemian Rhapsody... does that count????

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