Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday!!!

Much less frantic to have a Monday during the summer than a school day one. I've never been big on Mondays... is anyone? (probably, but I'm more in line with the Bangles' Susannah Huff (sp?) and think of them not quite as positively... wish it was SUNDAY!)

I had a great weekend and got a lot of stuff (and socializing) done! I finally narrowed down my car choice and can now start shopping... hopefully before my van kicks the bucket! I said before that I hate car shopping, but I'm thinking it will be a bit easier now that I've done TONS of homework in advance and gotten everything lined up ahead of time. Now I just need to find the right vehicle with the options, price, etc. that I want. (and if it's the right color... BONUS!)

I didn't make beads over the weekend, but I did work on seed bead stuff for a while. Like I said last week, the data entry is TEDIOUS, but once it's done, it's done. I have my mom helping me now... so that's made it a lot easier (thanks mom!!)

I'm planning to spend time in the studio this week filling orders from the show and getting ready for the Gathering in Miami in late July. I'm not going at that show as if it's a major money-maker... just wanting to present my most recent and best work since it's basically my peers that I'm showing for.

time for the tiny blah blah blah...

coffee - nope. Chik fil a

music - nope. Still no ipod. :(

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