Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Saturday and I don't usually blog on the weekend, but I'm deep in thought and need to write stuff down...

FIRST, I conquered a couple of hurdles yesterday... things that normally freak me out...

1. I didn't pass out when I had a blood test (just a physical) yesterday... seems like a little thing, but it's a big deal for me.

2. I completed my application to teach at Bead Fest Santa Fe. THIS is a much bigger thing.

The first really isn't beady and I wouldn't have even mentioned it, but I was thinking... "wow... I did both those things in one day! yay rah for me!!"

I mentioned before (in an earlier blog posting... might not be in the archives right now because I have yet to move things back over to this blog) that I have had some sort of mental block about teaching at big conferences and applying to anything juried. I look at the application and close it right back up again.

It's silly. I've taught all over the country, so I have no idea why this has been something that intimidated me... but it did. That said.... I jumped the hurdle and I think I've broken whatever mental boundary that was. I filled out everything sort of last minute...and I'm not sure I put my BEST stuff out there, but my goal was just to get it done... get something sent in. I have no idea if they would pick me or my projects... it was just important to try.

That said, it's now time to fill out the apps for Bead and Button 2010. I'm feeling very different about this one. This one I WANT... I want it pretty bad. I'm a little more emotionally involved with this application, so I'll be bummed if I'm not accepted.... BUT I'm not going to freak and avoid applying. I just want to have my best game on and get everything worded the way I want... pictures the way I want, etc.

I've had 2 new projects brewing in my head and I'm trying to decide if I should push myself to teach one of them there.... or just apply to teach projects I've already done. I haven't taught there before, so it would be new... even older stuff I've got... I'm just trying to figure it all out.

I'm THINKING about having a special edition of Head Over Heels just for the Bead and Button show and offering it as one of my class choices. I'd thought about having one of the new seasonal kits for the class, but the more I think about it... the more I like the idea of a Milwaukee exclusive... if you're not there, you can't get it sort of thing.

And as I write that, I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do! SO... must think of that special version of HOH and get the sample made in time to photograph it for the application. I have NO idea if I'm over-doing the whole project... but people seem to still love it and I love making it... so I'm going with my gut instinct and saying that is what I'm going to do! (that and my new quicky project that my sister inspired!)

ok... that's all the brain-storming for a Saturday night! Tomorrow is beadmaking day after church!

coffee - yes. I DID have starbucks today! Iced CDL because it is HOT here!

music - nope

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CreekHiker said...

OMG! I pass out giving blood for tests too! And I DIDN'T yesterday (but one of my best friends came with!) Congrats!!!

RE: car buying. Now keep in mind, I could care less about the color... It's just a car to me. As long as it's not red, I'm good. But the easiest car buying experience came when I was researching my car on the web and after reading all the research came to a link that said "buy this car" ...what the heck, I filled in all the info and within thirty minutes, had two fleet dealers call. I had a choice at one dealer of a blue jeep with 200 miles or the other guy had two white jeeps with less miles 9 and 120... I bought the 9. Easy peasy!