Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Atlanta's flood... the very terrible destruction and a very needed smile.

I talked a little Monday about the terrible rains and floods we've had here in Atlanta. I've been lucky and not sustained any real damage from the HUGE amount of rainfall we had Friday through Monday. Others have not been so lucky.

One of our own Southern Flames, Atlanta glass beadmakers, Diane Kovach has been hit in a devastating way. Her studio is a basement one and was flooded with over 2 feet of water, completely submerging her workspace, supplies and equipment. I can't even begin to imagine what she's going through. My prayers are with her AND I'm giving a Sylviebeads "shout-out" to any of you who can help. She teaches from this studio, so besides having to replace equipment, furniture and supplies, not covered by insurance, she will also be losing livelihood by not being able to work or teach in this space.

PLEASE consider giving something to Diane to help out. I don't know of an official fund, and I haven't asked her about this, but I'm thinking that if we go to PayPal and send money to her paypal account then she'll get the funds as quickly as possible.

Her e-mail address that you would use for "send money to" is

Make sure to note that this is NOT a purchase (it asks that... purchase or personal) and choose "gift" as the option. Hopefully this will avoid any service charges paypal might subtract from the funds given to her.

I think that this will be the fastest way for her to get donations and HOPEFULLY she is ok with me posting this.

I don't know many of you who read my blog and I know that you don't know Diane AND I don't usually ask for things (unless it's something silly like having people from Delaware read my blog), but this is important. Consider it a "paid" read today and give Diane some much needed assistance.

Ok... that was definitely the serious side of my blog today. This is the silly. Even in bad times, we need to find something to laugh at and someone in Atlanta did just that with this image. Thanks Regan for sharing it with me!!!

Stay dry my Atlanta friends. I'm afraid we're not through with this yet.

Off to make kits....

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chick fil a sweet tea instead of coffee today
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